Chamber of Business Mediation and Arbitration

The Santos Trade Association Chamber of Business Mediation and Arbitration is another benefit for entrepreneurs seeking low-cost and bureaucracy-free solutions for their businesses.

If your company is facing any type of conflict, CMAE offers specialized support in finding agreements between the involved parties - whether they are suppliers, customers, or others involved in commercial relationships.


Arbitral decisions hold the value of a judgment and are rendered within six months

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A form of out-of-court dispute resolution

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Check the manuals available from CMAE - ACS


80% of cases result in agreements.

Specialized support in seeking agreements between the involved parties.

These parties involve suppliers, customers, employees, and others.

Located in the Santos Trade Association (ACS) building, CMAE ensures security and confidentiality for entrepreneurs seeking a quick and more accessible way to resolve issues without involving the judicial system.

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Members receive a 20% discount on service fees.

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