The Certificate of Origin is a legal document that serves as proof to the buying country of the origin of the purchased product. The certificate format varies depending on the economic bloc of each importing nation.

While it is typically required by the importer and/or the customs authority of the importing country for the purpose of reducing or exempting import duties, the Certificate of Origin can also be requested by the exporter themselves, even if their customer does not receive any tax benefits. In such cases, sending this document alongside other export documents enhances credibility and provides a competitive edge.

The Santos Trade Association provides the service of issuing the Certificate of Origin, both for its member companies (who receive discounts on fees) and non-members.


Benefits of the Certificate of Origin

The benefits of the Certificate of Origin extend to the importer, exporter, and society as a whole.

For the importer, it results in reduced or even eliminated import duties, leading to cost reduction and increased competitiveness when acquiring capital goods (machinery and equipment), inputs, or even final consumer goods. This enables companies to sell these materials in the domestic market at reduced prices.

For the exporter, the advantage lies in offering products at more competitive prices, facilitating market expansion and generating increasing profits, thanks to the possibility of selling products with higher profit margins than they would have without the granted benefits.

For consumers, increased competition multiplies the chances of acquiring higher-quality products at better prices. Whenever industries engage in trade (buying or selling) with countries that have agreements with Brazil, they, as well as society as a whole, benefit from the economic savings on taxes and increased sales. This, in turn, leads to investments in business improvement and the creation of new jobs.


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Online Certificate of Origin System (Goevo)

Basic User Manual for the Goevo System

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